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Whether you're selling your Oakville real estate and moving a little further south to Windsor, Ontario, or coming from as far away as India or Australia, you probably need a little information on the city that will soon be your home. That's why we, the real estate agents of Windsor, ON, have created this website. It's meant to be your introduction to the city of Windsor, its real estate market, job opportunities, schools, health care system, and entertainment venues. It contains everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision regarding buying property in the area. Browse through the pages of helpful information to get a feel for Windsor, Ontario.

Windsor, Ontario: The Automotive Capitol of Canada

Windsor, Ontario is located on the shore of Lake Erie south of the American city of Detroit, Michigan. It is the southernmost city in Canada and an important border-crossing point. The two cities share much, including several bridges and tunnels and an annual festival celebrating Canada Day jointly with Independence Day. The population of Windsor is around 217,000 and the city has the fourth-highest proportion of foreign born residents in Canada. Windsor, ON was originally settled by the French in 1749 and still retains a significant French-speaking minority and many of its original street names.

As suggested by the city's nickname "the Automotive Capitol of Canada," Windsor, ON's primary source of economic support comes from the automobile manufacturing industry. It is home to Chrysler Canada, plants belonging to Ford Motors and General Motors, and a number of tool and parts manufacturers. Post-secondary education provides many opportunities for students and educators alike thanks to the presence of the University of Windsor, St. Clair College and a satellite medical school of the University of Western Ontario. The Port of Windsor is one of the busiest on the lakes, processing thousands of tons of shipping every year.

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Since the downturn of automotive manufacturing pharmaceuticals, technology, tourism and entertainment are also becoming a major source of support for Windsor, Ontario as well. The city has over 3,000 acres of parkland featuring fountains, manicured lawns, well-tended rose gardens, sculptures, sporting fields, and 64 kilometers of walking paths. The city is also home to a large casino that is popular with American visitors and a number of well-preserved historical buildings notable for their architecture and connections to Canada's early development.

Neighborhoods and Housing in Windsor, ON

Windsor, Ontario is the oldest continually inhabited settlement west of Montreal, and as such has had plenty of time to build up a wide array of home styles and neighborhood configurations for you to choose from. The neighborhoods of Sandwich, Ford City and Walkerville are the oldest ones in the city and they're where you'll want to look for your home if you're interested in owning or restoring a historic property. Though, as its name suggests, Ford City has been touched by industry over the years, it is also a neighborhood of parkland and open spaces.

Large, new homes can be found in developments like Southwood Lakes, which is resplendent with man-made lakes and fountains while neighborhoods like Forest Glade reflect the leafy suburban ideals of the 1960s and 1970s. More affordable homes can be found in South Windsor, Little River Acres and Polonia Park while there are some excellent townhouse and apartment developments in Roseville Gardens and Fontainebleau. Those who are coming to the city to study will most likely find their homes in the Bridgeview neighborhood near the University of Windsor.

Living in Windsor, ON is an affordable prospect for most people, whether they work in blue or white collar industries. The cost of living is 92.4 compared to the American national average of 100. You can buy a three bedroom home in Windsor for just over $110,000 while renting a two bedroom apartment would cost around $650.

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If you've received a favorable impression of Windsor, Ontario from our webpage, we're glad we were able to represent our city so accurately. If you've decided buying a Windsor home is something you'd like to go ahead with, please contact a licensed real estate agent in Windsor who can help you find the perfect property for you. Entering a new housing market can be daunting, but with one of our Realtors by your side everything will go smoothly and before you know it you'll be all settled in to your new home.


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